Win in Your First 90 Days as a Continuous Improvement Manager! 

The mini-course below can help you understand and communicate how your job responsibilities fit within your organization, and how to plan your first 90 days in your role. 

As a bonus, we'll include how to start your OpEx Implementation in your site. 

Even if you've already been past your first 90 days, it can help you reflect on some opportunities you might still have as a CI Manager.

If you'd like to listen to the lessons in your own language, learn how here:

Learn how to Succeed in Your CI Manager Role This Year! 

You will be able to: 

1) Lead the Transformation of your plant, engaging all employees.

2) Lead an FI Pillar Team and establish project selection process.

3) Engage and support all other departments in their improvement journeys

4) Become a coach on CI/FI, Problem-Solving, 5S, DMS, Reliability, Quality, Supply Chain, etc. by having the foundational skills in all areas. 

5) Build the management systems and supporting structure.

6) Advance in the journey into Just-in-Time and Digital Transformation.

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