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Coaching Programs...

We provide Industrial and Supply Chain organizations with training and coaching programs geared towards Operational Excellence, Leadership, Problem-Solving and Continuous Improvement. 

For Belts...

Our programs offer student-centered, job-specific, self-paced engaging content designed in the way that adults learn, with practice exercises, an open-ended multi-session simulation, discussions, and immediate use application to their jobs. 

To Succeed in the Course

We provide a journey from the start for your entire organization to engage 100% of your workforce and create a culture of continuous improvement

Adults learn by doing.  Our coaching programs use a Blended Learning Flipped Classroom  model. 

Self-paced, engaging modules provide immediate reflection and assignments.  After a section is complete, students get to apply and practice their learnings in a fun team simulation exercise.  The simulation takes each student through the Operational Excellence journey and their journey in their own role.

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"The Simulations were outstanding!   I finally understood when to use each tool and I'm now confident I can now apply them in my team"

- Maintenance Manager, Food Production

We have the Right Operational Excellence Coaching Program for You! 

Champion and Sponsor:  for Executives, Divisional VP's / Functional Leaders, Site (General or Plant) Managers, OpEx VP's / Directors / MBBs / Practitioners.

OpEx / Continuous Improvement Leader:  for CI Managers, OpEx Directors / MBBs / Practitioners.

Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt:  for any project leaders who use OpEx problem-solving methodologies in improvement projects. 

Pillar Leader:  for any department manager, supervisor, technical leader, customized to their area of responsibility (Safety, Quality, Maintenance, Production, Customer Service, Planning, Human Resources, Engineering, etc.)

Team Leader for front-line supervisors, leaders, coordinators, engineers, etc. to improve their leadership skills.

Team Problem-Solver for any employee to solve problems using A3 Practical Problem-Solving.    

And more!  We offer 15 different curricula. 

You have sites that need a different language?  No problem!

We offer our coaching exercises in English, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, and Portuguese (more languages coming soon!) and the lessons translated to any other language!


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Blended Learning / Simulations

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TPM / WCM / Pillars

Lean / OpEx

B2B Coaching / Consulting

...and more!

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We provide a Course... a Journey!

Maybe your organization is just starting with Operational Excellence.  Maybe similar efforts failed in the past.  Or maybe you are already in the advanced stage.  Our courses take your folks to where they need to go next!

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"Our entire division went through the JOURNEY TOGETHER and we all understood our role and each other's roles.  We were able to coach and support each other through the transformation, with the more mature teams leading the way"

- Vice President of Supply Chain, Consumer Goods Distributor. 

"We struggled for years trying to push Lean Six Sigma as the way we operate.  Belt Course provided the right STRUCTURE to finally engrain OpEx into our management systems"

- Continuous Improvement Manager, Automotive Supplier  

Why do we do what we do?   

The root cause of OpEx failures almost always points to poor capability building. Yes, there are options such as consultants, training providers or learning by failure.  However...

  • Consultants are unaffordable for many companies and when they leave, sustainment is at risk.
  • Typical training providers throw a plethora of tools for the OpEx professional to train everyone. It's impossible!
  • Learning by failing is way too risky for your OpEx implementation.

The bottom line is, we need more experts. We need experts in the areas that they’re responsible for. We need systems that help train the right people on the right things at the right time - that train them the right way. That’s why we do what we do.

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