Why Companies Move Away From Traditional Belt Training

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The webinar is titled "No More Belts: An Alternative Approach to Skill Development, with Katie Bockwoldt.  Katie Bockwoldt and Justin Kenny are the guest hosts from the state of Vermont.


Transition Away from a "Belt" Program:

  • Vermont previously operated a belt program for skill development.
  • The state is transitioning away from the belt program towards a more flexible approach.
  • The transition is still in its early stages, approximately six months in.


Challenges with Belt Program:

  • The belt program faced challenges in applicability across diverse job roles.
  • It focused more on technical skills than soft skills.
  • The hierarchical certification structure hindered participation in Improvement efforts.


Alternative Approach to Skill Development:

  • Vermont aims to foster a culture of Improvement across the organization.
  • The new approach focuses on developing both technical and soft skills.
  • It seeks to address the limitations of the previous belt program.

Flexible Learning Opportunities:

  • The new program offers various learning paths and badges for skill development.
  • Participants can engage in courses individually or follow recommended learning paths.
  • The program emphasizes practical application through workshops and communities of practice.
  • Vermont aims to maintain accessibility and support for continuous Improvement efforts.

Course Forward:

  • At Belt Course, even though our name could be misleading, we also moved away from the traditional belt training.
  • We made our programs job-specific, spaced out with Blended Learning and time to apply and become an expert at each phase of someone's learning path. 
  • Examples of "badges"

  • Example Simulation-based Blended Learning pathways



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  • Katie Bockwoldt serves as the Performance Improvement adviser from the Chief Performance Office in Vermont.
  • Katie manages the state's Continuous Improvement network and directs teams on process Improvement and strategic planning.
  • Justin Kenny is the Chief Performance Officer for Vermont, overseeing organizational Performance Management Systems.
  • Justin drives the adoption of continuous Improvement methods such as Lean and Ghana.



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