What Education Innovators Can Teach Companies About Using AI In the Workplace

education language barriers people development Jul 08, 2024


The White House ISD embraces artificial intelligence technology to tackle language barriers within its educational system.  The technology promises a transformative solution to communication hurdles faced by non-English speaking students and teachers.


Implementation and Benefits:

  • The district procured Time Kettle translation earbuds, equipped with AI, to facilitate seamless language translation.
  • These devices enable teachers and students to communicate effectively, enhancing understanding and participation in the curriculum.

Watch here how it works...



Financial Support:

  • The White House Education Foundation contributed $19,000 towards the acquisition of the translation devices.  Each device (most advanced technology) today costs around $300.
  • This financial backing underscores the community's commitment to empowering students with innovative educational tools.
  • The school aims to extend the use of AI translation technology to include parents, fostering greater parental involvement and support in education.


Course Forward:

  • Does your company have an opportunity to trial a few of these devices in the workplace?  What's stopping you from taking action?

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