The Skills You Need as an OpEx/CI Professional

blended learning career advice education focused improvement lean operational excellence people development Dec 30, 2023


This article and video emphasizes the relevance of the skills for various roles within OpEx and Continuous Improvement: full-time leaders, managers, consultants


Importance of Lean Methodologies

  • Stating the significance of Lean methodologies in business improvement
  • Addressing misconceptions about Lean, highlighting its essential role in organizational improvement
  • Drawing parallels to teaching proficiency, stressing the need for accurate Lean teaching


Varied Roles in Improvement Leadership

  • Delineating distinct roles such as practitioner, facilitator, and coach in improvement leadership
  • Highlighting coaching parallels with child development, focusing on people development and results

Learning Approaches and Continuous Development

  • Advocating for continuous learning, citing examples from various professions
  • Recommending a reading list for self-improvement and emphasizing the importance of self-awareness
  • Highlighting free resources like YouTube for learning value stream mapping and related concepts


Future Skills Inventory and Seeking Coaching

  • Discussing plans for a comprehensive skills inventory for improvement professionals
  • Addressing the need for finding a coach and suggesting hiring or seeking references for guidance
  • Emphasizing the importance of coaches having practical experience and not just theoretical knowledge


Evaluating Programs and Industry Recognized Expertise

  • Advising on questions to consider before investing in improvement programs
  • Highlighting the importance of assessing program validity and the metrics used for evaluation


Challenges in Learning and Development Models

  • Pointing out the absence of apprenticeship models in improvement professions
  • Discussing the challenges in continuous learning and the need for ongoing education
  • Highlighting discrepancies in Lean Six Sigma programs, especially in emphasizing Lean culture
  • Stressing the potential harm caused by inexperienced coaches to the people they are coaching
  • Addressing the development of Lean certification training and its impact on internal improvement teams

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