The Keys To Advance in Your Career Journey

blended learning career advice education people development Jan 05, 2024
Is it time to look at your personal development plans?  Do you feel like you're stuck in a job?  This short article will give you some advice from Andy Robertson, a successful professional who grew his skills in engineering, quality, product management and teaching, and now runs his own company.

Lessons for Career Development:

  • Practical Application is Key: Emphasizing the importance of applying learned concepts in the workplace.
  • Career Growth through Practice: Growth isn't solely from certifications but from actively implementing knowledge.
  • Immediate Application: Encouragement to start applying newly learned knowledge promptly for career growth.

Importance of Continuous Learning:

  • Daily Study Habit: Advocacy for a daily routine of learning, studying, and practice.
  • Knowledge Repetition: Daily learning aids in having fresh knowledge, enabling innovative problem-solving.
  • Setting Apart from Peers: Differentiation through deep knowledge and quick problem-solving abilities.

Career Growth through Challenges:

  • Take risks to try to resolve a significant issue.   Impactful Application can give you recognition, get you notices, and facilitate career advancement. 

Preparing for Career Advancement:

  • Growth beyond Certifications: Underlining that career growth happens with continuous learning and application, not just certification.
  • Call to Action: Encouragement to start the journey of applying knowledge immediately for career development.

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