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Importance of Kaizen Over Six Sigma:

  • Advocates prioritizing Kaizen learning over Six Sigma due to its superiority in problem-solving and improvement methodologies.
  • Highlights the diminishing significance of Six Sigma in the current landscape and its focus on process variation reduction, because automation and a proactive focus upstream is now more prevalent.

Key Skills:

  • Emphasizes the value of honing process improvement and problem-solving skills.
  • Suggests diving into value stream maps and process maps to grasp and enhance processes effectively.
  • Stresses the misconception that many people believe they understand problem-solving and process improvement without deep practical knowledge.

Standing Out in Job Opportunities:

  • Underlines the significance of excelling in problem-solving and process improvement as critical differentiators in job applications.
  • Discusses the prevalence of individuals overestimating their abilities in these domains without practical execution.

Critique of Traditional Courses:

  • Criticizes conventional courses for their focus on theoretical aspects, historical context, and insufficient emphasis on real-world application.
  • Advocates for courses that teach not just the "what" but also the "how" of using tools, methods, and executing tasks effectively.
  • Explains a direct, no-fluff teaching style aimed at delivering practical knowledge that aligns with real-world tasks and expectations.

Effective Resume Articulation:

  • Stresses the importance of effectively articulating learned skills on resumes for job applications.
  • Highlights the need to communicate learned insights, practical experiences, and metrics gained from courses effectively.


Course Forward:

Do you have any of these common Problem-Solving struggles?

# 5 Why Struggles
# Fishbone struggles
# Countermeasure development struggles
# Team-Based Approach struggles
# Use of Report/Template Struggles
# Problem recurrence struggles
# Change/Sustainment struggles


If someone can answer “Yes” to any of those questions… It’s very likely they haven’t developed these and other skills….

  • Lead an A3 Problem-Solving Project (Kaizen Event), and Meetings using an A3 Problem-Solving tool/process.
  • Deal with and prevent poor participation as a meeting facilitator.  What to do and why, focusing on how to prevent it in the first place.
  • Do a process map of a process being analyzed. 


Assess these and other Problem-Solving and Kaizen Skills
- Either for yourself, your team, or your colleagues
- Receive a Summary Report
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