Introduction to Operational Excellence Methodologies

lean lean six sigma methodologies six sigma Oct 10, 2023

Here are the best YouTube videos on Introduction to Operational Excellence Methodologies, including Six Sigma, Lean, and Lean Six Sigma.


Is Six Sigma Dead? | GE CEO Jack Welch's Secret of Success | Lean Manufacturing Methods

  • Six Sigma, once a popular methodology for eliminating defects in manufacturing, has seen a decline in popularity over the years.
  • Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric (GE), played a significant role in promoting Six Sigma within GE, making it a corporate religion.
  • The popularity of Six Sigma began to wane as GE's fortunes declined from being the world's most valuable company to a lower market value.
  • Search trends on Google and LinkedIn data indicate a decreasing interest in Six Sigma, suggesting that it has fallen out of favor among businesses.
  • While Six Sigma is not completely dead and is still used for specific problem-solving, it no longer holds the same prominence it once did, with other methodologies gaining traction in the business world.



 Lean Manufacturing | A pursuit of perfection

  • Lean manufacturing is a production management method based on the principles and tools of the Toyota Production System (TPS).
  • It aims to maximize customer value while eliminating waste, including overproduction, excess inventory, and unnecessary processes.
  • The concept of lean manufacturing was popularized by James Womack, Daniel Jones, and Daniel Ruse in their book "The Machine That Changed the World" in 1990.
  • Lean manufacturing principles include defining customer value, creating a flow of materials, implementing a pull system, and continuously pursuing perfection.
  • The Toyota Production System (TPS) relies on concepts like jidoka (automation with human touch) and just in time (producing only what the next process requires) to achieve efficiency and responsiveness.



Lean Six Sigma In 8 Minutes | What Is Lean Six Sigma? | Lean Six Sigma Explained | Simplilearn

  • Lean Six Sigma combines Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to address waste and process improvement.
  • Lean focuses on providing value to customers, eliminating waste, and continuous improvement.
  • Waste in Lean can be categorized into eight types: transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, over-production, over-processing, defects, and skills.
  • Lean methodologies like JIT, 5S, and Kanban are used to optimize waste production and improve efficiency.
  • Six Sigma, through DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), aims to improve processes, reduce defects, and meet customer requirements.


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