How to Make Training Practical and Not Boring

blended learning education people development Jan 06, 2024
  • Key Question: "What do you want people to do?" This question is central to effective training, shifting the focus from knowledge to actionable skills in the workplace.
  • Workplace Goal Formation: Identifying clear, practical objectives that are observable and achievable, e.g., greeting customers, taking orders, delivering orders, and troubleshooting issues in a fast-food setting.
  • Actionable Training: Emphasizing the importance of training that involves actionable, measurable, and practical tasks, moving away from information-heavy sessions.
  • Training Accountability: Encouraging accountability when purchasing or creating training materials by aligning them with the workplace goals. Assessing success by evaluating whether participants can perform the specified tasks after training.
  • Engagement and Purpose: Highlighting the importance of practical, purpose-driven training that engages participants, fosters confidence, and provides them with valuable skills.

This approach aims to transform training by focusing on tangible workplace objectives and ensuring that training sessions result in practical skill development rather than just imparting knowledge.


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