How to Launch an Online Course to Maximize Sales

b2b coaching Jul 01, 2024
How to Launch an Online Course to Maximize Sales
  • 00:00 🚀 Reasons why most product launches fail

    • Setting high expectations leads to disappointment
    • Importance of understanding why product launches fail
    • Key factors that can make or break a product launch


  • 02:17 💡 Giving a reason to buy in product launches

    • Creating urgency in product launches
    • Different ways to drive sales through urgency
    • Examples of effective urgency strategies in launches


  • 12:16 🔑 Having a clear promise of transformation is crucial

    • Clear communication of the transformation offered by the product
    • Importance of understanding the customer's desired outcome
    • Crafting a concise transformation statement for effective marketing
    • Failing to communicate how the product will transform customers leads to launch failures.


  • 20:08 💌 Importance of sending frequent emails during a product launch

    • Sending more emails leads to more sales.
    • Inboxes are crowded, and multiple emails help stay top of mind.
    • Different types of emails cater to different types of buyers.


  • 32:28 💭 Building a product without assessing demand

    • Creating a product without ensuring market demand leads to launch failures.
    • Surveying the audience and aligning product creation with audience needs is crucial.
    • Curating an audience before building a product increases chances of successful launches.




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