How Blended Learning Prevents the Forgetting Curve

blended learning education Jan 12, 2024

Tim Slade advocates for the importance of designing blended learning, even for those primarily focused on e-learning.  He challenges the binary choice mindset in training, highlighting the need to view learning as a continuous process rather than a one-time event.

Benefits of Blended Learning:

  • Learning is portrayed as an ongoing process, emphasizing the drawbacks of singular training events.
  • Blended learning is described as an ecosystem that provides multiple opportunities to re-engage learners, combating the forgetting curve.

Designing Blended Learning:

  • Tim suggests that designing blended learning is about identifying specific learning outcomes.
  • Learning outcomes encompass knowledge transfer, practice opportunities, assessment, and just-in-time performance support.
  • The approach involves pairing learning outcomes with one or more training methods.

Example of Blended Learning Solution:

  • Tim provides an example of designing a blended learning solution for teaching employees how to use a new system.
  • The solution includes a video for knowledge transfer, an e-learning course for practice, and a centralized hub for performance support.


Course Forward:


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