Evaluating ASQ Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt Certifications

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  • Certification Details:

    • Experience requirement: 3 years for Green Belt and Black Belt exams.
    • Yellow Belt has the least depth with 19 chapters, while Green Belt has 24 and Black Belt has 33 chapters.
    • Exam questions: Yellow Belt (80), Green Belt (100), Black Belt (150).
    • Time per question: Yellow Belt (90 seconds), Green Belt (90 seconds), Black Belt (96 seconds).
    • Recertification: Black Belt requires recertification every three years.
  • Differences Between Exams:

    • Body of knowledge is cumulative, requiring broader and deeper understanding at each level.
    • Added topics in Green Belt and Black Belt: project management tools, statistical tools, and more.
    • Depth of knowledge required increases with each certification level.
  • Financial Benefits:

    • ASQ exam fees: Yellow Belt ($422), Green Belt ($469) (non-ASQ member prices).
    • Certified individuals tend to earn more: Black Belt ($15,000 more) and Green Belt ($10,000 more) than non-certified peers.
  • Exam Difficulty and Knowledge Depth:

    • Analysis of Bloom's taxonomy levels shows Yellow Belt focuses on 'understand' and 'apply,' while Black Belt delves into 'evaluate,' which includes complex statistical topics.
    • Illustration of difficulty differences using statistical topics like gauge RNR and hypothesis testing across certifications.

  • Considerations & Recommendations:

    • Importance of project completion for Black Belt eligibility.
    • Emphasis on continuous improvement and gaining experience before attempting higher-level certifications.
    • Encouragement to start with Green Belt due to its foundational nature and available resources at Greenbelt Academy for study aid.

Course Forward: 

    • TBD.



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