How Can Value Stream Mapping help you Reduce Lead-Time!  

The mini-course below can help you understand how to run a Value Stream Mapping workshop to advance into Lead-Time reduction.  You will be able to do a current state VSM, communicate why/when a future state VSM is useful, and design a detailed future state VSM using concepts like kanban, flow, and pull.  

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Still Need Some Coaching and Practice For Your VSM Workshop? 

Provide lessons and a Simulation exercise to your team in preparation for or when kicking off a Value Stream Mapping Workshop!

You will be able to: 

1)  Be ready and energized to do your own Value Stream Map, even if it's your first time!

2) 3 to 12 participants can participate in the lessons and Simulation coaching call.

Achieve Stability and Advance into Proactive Supply Chain Management This Year! 

You will be able to: 

1)  Improve your leadership skills to successfully lead the delivery and inventory management improvement of your site or division.  

2)  Establish a Supply Chain Management Pillar Team, establishing the metrics and deployment plan.

3) Become an expert and a coach on Value Stream Mapping, Theory of Constraints, Sales & Operations Planning, Line Balancing, Warehouse Management, Flow, Quick Changeover, Kanban / Pull Systems, and Just-In-Time.

4) Lead projects using A3 Practical Problem-Solving, Kaizen, and DMAIC.

5) Make improvements to eliminate the biggest losses, and go from reactive scheduling to proactive capacity planning and lead-time reduction.    

6)  Free up your time to support new product & machine launches, optimizing new value streams from the start, and using Digital tools.

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