Why and How To Engage Your Employees in Safety Improvement

The mini-course below can help you understand and communicate how it's possible to engage a large percentage of your employees in safety improvement by establishing a Safety Committee that grows into a Safety Pillar and Sub-Pillar Teams.

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Establish a Safety Pillar or Sub-Pillar Team in 90 days, even if it's Your First Time! 

You will be able to: 

1)  Improve your leadership skills to successfully lead the safety improvement of your site or division.  

2)  Establish a Safety Pillar Team and Sub-Pillar Teams, establishing their metrics and deployment plan. 

3) Become an expert and a coach on Safety, Compliance, Behavior/Habits Change, Audits, Opportunity Prioritization, A3 Practical Problem-Solving,  Root Cause Corrective / Preventive Actions, and Kaizen Events.

4) Engage 100% of your workforce and make improvements to eliminate the biggest risks, and go from reactive incident management to proactive safety planning. 

5)  Free up your time to work on new equipment to optimize safety from the start.   

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