Become a More Effective Job Instruction Trainer! 

The mini-course below teaches you the methodology that helped Japan become a manufacturing superpower, and which is still relevant and resurging in today's environment of constant changes in job responsibilities. 

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Download a Job Breakdown Sheet Template

It can help you understand the next lessons and start using it for one task you could do better 1-on-1 training on.

Practice Leading TWI Job Instruction To Really Understand the Process! 

You will be able to: 

1) Lead or participate in a Simulation exercise where you will use the TWI Job Instruction methodology to train someone on a job in a Simulated site.   

2) Make mistakes and learn from those.  Receive coaching on what you can improve.

3) Be fully ready and energized to do this in your own organization.

And it's all virtual, interactive, and cost effective!  You can bring your own group or we can mix and match with another existing group. 

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Grow from a Trainer into a People Development Leader this Year! 

You will be able to: 

1) Lead a People Development (or Training & Education) Pillar, Sub-Pillar, or Project Team

2) Create an engaging work environment and culture that improves job satisfaction and reduces employee turnover

3)  Establish a comprehensive and effective People Development process for your entire site or division. 

4)  Coach teams on the most effective adult learning methodologies for practical group or individual training 

5) Move away from HR compliance and firefighting and replace it with proactive development and recognition.  

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