Cascade Aligned Objectives and KPIs with a Robust Strategic Planning Process

The mini-course below can help you understand how to properly accomplish such an important process at the beginning of your company's year and how to continuously make the process more robust.  

Get Better Prepared for Your Strategic Planning Event! 

You will be able to:

1) Learn and practice with a hands-on Simulation of the Strategic Planning process in a simulated site. 

2) Build a yearly strategic plan and establish and cascade metrics

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Establish a Strategic Plan Tied to an Operational Excellence Transformation!  

You will be able to: 

1)  Enhance your leadership skills to adjust your style depending on the maturity level of the organization and the specific situation in each site or team.

2) Drive change in yourself and in others

3)  Lead a cultural transformation at your site or division.  

4) Establish a Steering Team to build a yearly strategic plan and establish and cascade metrics

4) Engage 100% of your workforce and go from reactive HR issues to proactive leadership development. 

5)  Free up your time to work on new business and growth.

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