Get Your Lean Tools One-Pager!

Make your Lean tools more memorable!

You'll receive a PDF that you can use as an electronic one-pager or a physical poster to teach or refresh any employee on  the main Lean Tools and Practices. 

You can use this in your team meetings, project meetings, or just as an awareness poster! 

People can click (a thumbnail) or scan (a QR code) to access a 2-minute video (from LeanVlog) on a particular tool.    


Tools and Practices will include: 

- Lean and Waste, VSM, OEE, Daily Management System, Kaizen, TPM, 5S, A3 Thinking, Poka-Yoke, Jidoka, Quick Changeover, Flow, Standard Work, Visual Management, Just-In-Time, and Kanban.

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