How to Successfully Implement the Daily Management System (DMS) Accountability Process 

The mini-course below can help you create and communicate a strategy to implement the most important and most complex element of a DMS, the Accountability Process.  Whether it's daily huddles, performance control meetings, or shift communications... this will help you avoid any failures.

First, assess your DMS skills to see where your gaps are...

It will only take a few minutes, and at the end you can get your summary results by email so that you have them in the future, can track your progress, and compare with others.

Learn how to lead a Daily Management System Implementation! 

You will learn: 

1) Why and how to develop a DMS Pillar Team and get it going

2) Learn why and how to implement all the elements of DMS, such as Leader Standard Work, Gemba Walks, Layered Audits, Suggestion Systems and more advanced skills related to the Accountability Process.

3) Why and how to build the management systems and supporting structure, so that all the opportunities identified can be prioritized and handled by the supporting department/pillar teams.

4) How to take your existing DMS processes to the next level through a Digital Transformation.


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