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Job Title: Operational Excellence Executive Coach


About the Company:

 At Belt Course, we provide training and coaching programs geared toward Leadership, Problem-Solving, and Continuous Improvement.  We offer student-centered, job-specific, self-paced engaging programs designed in the way that adults learn, with practice exercises, an open-ended multi-session simulation, discussions, and immediate use application to their jobs.  Learn more at


Role & Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate group coaching sessions with diverse learners (Pillar Leaders, Continuous Improvement Managers/Leaders, Champions, Sponsors, etc.).
  • Coach these learners through their Operational Excellence journey
  • Facilitate dynamic open-ended Simulation Exercises with groups of learners.
  • Follows established standards and best practices and helps improve those standards.
  • Understands the big picture of where the coaching/simulation exercises fit in the OpEx courses.
  • Maintains schedule of coaching sessions and coordinates availability of learners.


Required Qualifications:

  • Knowledge and experience deploying Operational Excellence Systems (Lean, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, TPM/WCM, Leadership & Management Systems, Pillar / CoE / High-performance teams)
  • Ability to coach through a complex (for the coach) simulation exercise to guide the learners to apply the tools without telling them what to do, and with the ability to adapt to different simulation outcomes.
  • Ability to generate discussions and aha moments for learners to really grasp the concepts and tools.
  • Ability to perform these exercises virtually (no travel required)


Preferred But Not Required Qualifications:

  • Background in Industrial, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, or Logistics
  • Experience training and coaching adults
  • Experience with educational courses and programs with hands-on practice.
  • Flexible schedule
  • Fluent in another language (Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Hindi, German, Japanese, or Russian)