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We can Help You Sell Your Coaching Programs

Industrial and Supply Chain Organizations might be looking for similar offerings in other areas.  We can connect you!

Similarly, your customers or suppliers might be looking for what we offer. You can Help Us Sell Our Coaching Programs!


We can help you with the education while you focus on the implementation!

Maybe you're an OpEx, Safety, Reliability, Leadership, or Digital Transformation Consultant?   You could take in more clients if you can use our training programs so that time-consuming education is not your bottleneck!

Or maybe you have customers that are not ready to embark on an advanced stage (i.e. Digital Transformation) journey?  We can provide the needed leadership, project management and change management skills.  

Get all the Benefits! 

See below all the amazing benefits for you if you choose to become a Belt Course Partner!

Benefits of being a Belt Course Partner

1.  There could be some great synergies! 

Your programs could teach something more in-depth (Example: Safety, Digital Transformation, Advanced Quality, Advanced Reliability, Leadership).  Spots along a learner's journey could trigger the need for a skill that hasn't been developed yet!  We could give you the foundation, and we could allow your learners to turn theory into practice!  

2. Mutually beneficial relationships compensated appropriately

By recommending or promoting our coaching programs you could earn an affiliate marketing payout.   

3.  Leverage our Coaching Model, network, and Belt concept!   

We will have supply and demand of coaches in our clients' network.  Our community and simulation exercises can allow those relationships to grow into new ventures organically.

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