Machine Reliability (MR) Leader Coaching Program

Are you a Machine Reliability, Maintenance, Technology, Engineering, or Continuous Improvement Leader?

Would you like to improve your skills use OpEx methodologies (like A3, Kaizen, DMAIC) in improvement projects that generate savings related to Machine Reliability, OEE, and maintenance costs.


This coaching program in your language will allow you grow in your Reliability Leadership role this year!

1. Lead the Reliability Improvement

... of your area, site or division with improved leadership and change management skills. 

2. Establish a Machine Reliability (Planned/Professional Maintenance) Pillar or Project Teamm

... with focused metrics and deployment plans.

3. Become an expert and a coach

... on on TPM, RCM, Maintenance Types (Autonomous, Planned, Preventive, Predictive).  Storeroom Spare Parts Management, and Maintenance Planning & Scheduling.

4. Lead projects  

... using A3 Practical Problem-Solving, Root Cause Corrective / Preventive Actions, Kaizen, DMAIC, and FMEA.

5. Go from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance

Make sustainable improvements to eliminate the biggest losses!

6. Optimize new equipment from the start, and using Digital tools.

Free up your time to work on capital, proactive and predictive maintenance, and using the latest technologies. 

4.7 Rating 

This is what our customers have to say about this program...

"The practical part was at an exceptional level. The funny moments, the explaining part, the way you help us when we made mistakes. There's nothing I didn't like."

- Supervisor, CEVA Logistics

"Being able to use Constraints, OEE, and Loss Analysis  helped us build a Strategic Plan we all aligned on!

-  Operations Leader, Food Production

"The discussions during the coaching call helped me understand and simplify how to cascade objectives and KPIs and be able to structure teams to focus on the biggest opportunities."

-Operations Manager, Conagra Brands

"After the Simulation, I felt fully prepared and energized to lead the team and go roll out ... in my site." 

- Operations Manager, Conagra Brands

"Experiencing how to address resistance to change and actually seeing the improvements through in the Simulated plant was huge"

- CI Manager, Pharmaceutical Supplier

What you will get...

  • Gain access to over ~24 hours of self-paced engaging lessons (videos, assessments, quizzes)
  • Access to ask questions about any of the lessons and get answers within 48 hours
  • Schedule and participate in multiple Coaching and Simulation Exercises (~12 hours total, all virtual/hybrid)
  • You'll play the role of a¬†MR Leader at each step, and experience the transformation of a company, the role each stakeholder plays, and the power of teamwork.
  • You can find the Detailed Course¬†Outline further below to see the modules, lessons, and exercises included.¬† Note that you will have access other Pillar/Project Leader programs so that you can coach them.

Look at the Detailed Course Outline Here!

Machine Reliability (MR) Leader Coaching Program

All of these offers give you access to the MR Leader coaching program, but also to other Pillar Leaders' courses so you can coach them. 

Choose the one that best addresses your need.  

For the group offers, you can mix and match with other leaders in your company or other companies.  

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