Lean Leader Course

Are you a Continuous Improvement or OpEx professional?  

Would you like to start using Lean methodologies and tools (VSM, 5S, QCO, TPM, DMS, Kaizen, JIT, Poke Yoke, etc.) to transform your value streams?

This course in your language will allow you to lead a Lean Transformation!

1. Integrate Lean into your existing skills

Whether you have a background in Six Sigma, TPM/WCM, or Kaizen, this will complement your skills in Lean.

2. Become an Expert on Lean tools

... such as Value Stream Mapping, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, 5S, Daily Management System, Total Productive Maintenance, Poke-Yoke, Quick Changeover, and Just-in-Time.  

3. Teach why and how to implement 

... each Lean tool with the appropriate department/pillar team and tied to your business goals! 

4. Advance in the Journey

... improve customer satisfaction, profits, and grow into Just-in-Time and advanced improvement.

4.7 Rating 

This is what our customers have to say about this program...

"I had taken a Lean course on Coursera, but it was too much history, theory, and philosophy.  This one was much more concise and practical!  "   

- Rotational Engineer, Conagra Brands

"My favorite part was the multiform of learning that there is for one to be able to learn more easily... and above all to be able to go at my own pace." 

- Production Supervisor, CEVA Logistics

"I do enjoy having to write about our own experiences.  This makes you follow along with each video and think for the questions one must answer.  It helps me reflect and guide and encourage me to take action."

- CI Manager, Automotive Supplier

"Being able to take the course in (my language) and receive timely answers to my questions from my coach was ideal!" 

- CI Manager, Automotive Supplier

What you will get...

  • Gain access to over ~8.5 hours of self-paced engaging lessons (videos, assessments, quizzes)
  • Access to ask questions about any of the lessons and get answers within 48 hours
  • Complementary final coaching call (1 hour)
  • Optional add-on:¬† schedule and participate in a Simulation Exercise (2 hours, remotely)
  • You can find the Detailed Course Syllabus further below to see the modules, lessons, and skills included.

Take a minute to assess your Lean skills to see if this program is for you...

Receive your assessment results by email at the end of it so that you have them in the future.

Look at the Detailed Course Syllabus Here!

Lean Leader Course

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Looking for a quick reference guide?

Get Your Lean Tools One-Pager, a PDF one-pager to learn the main Lean Tools and Practices.

People can click or scan to access a 2-minute video on a particular tool.

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