Autonomous Maintenance (AM) Leader Coaching Program

 Are you a new or future Autonomous Maintenance Leader, co-leader, or backup leader who can benefit from some tools and methodologies in AM, problem-solving, leadership, change management, and kaizen to use with your project or pillar team?

This program in your language will allow you to lead an Autonomous Maintenance Team, even if you've never led a team before!

1. Build a Team

Why and how to develop an AM project or pillar team and get it going

2. Lead AM kaizen events or projects

... to establish or to improve the standards in pilot machines

3. Build the management systems and structure

Teach others how to build the systems, audits, and support, so that AM standards sustain and continue to improve!

4. Expand AM through an entire site

How to structure your AM team into sub-pillar teams and replicate autonomous teams in all areas/shifts.

4.9 Rating 

This is what our customers have to say about this program...

"Experiencing how to address resistance to change and actually seeing the improvements through in the Simulated plant was huge, especially because this is one of the first teams we're launching"

- CI Manager, Pharmaceutical Supplier

"The practical part was at an exceptional level. The funny moments, the explaining part, the way you help us when we made mistakes. There's nothing I didn't like."

- Supervisor, CEVA Logistics

"I was scared to lead a team because I had never done it.  Practicing in a safe environment gave me the confidence to lead the meetings and our first kaizen was a major success! "

- Group Leader and Pillar Leader, Conagra Brands

"We were good at doing restoration events, but developing the layered audits to sustain will be a game-changer for us!" 

- Performance Control System (DMS) Pillar Leader, Conagra Brands

What you will get...

  • Gain access to over ~24 hours of self-paced engaging lessons (videos, assessments, quizzes)
    • Everything you need to know about Autonomous Maintenance.¬†
  • Schedule and participate in multiple Coaching and Simulation Exercises (~11 hours total, all virtual)
  • You'll play the role of an AM Leader at each step, and experience the transformation of a company, the role each stakeholder plays, and the power of teamwork.
Look at the Detailed Course Syllabus Here!

Autonomous Maintenance (AM) Leader Coaching Program

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