Team Problem-Solver and Leader Coaching Programs

For any employee to lead a Problem-Solving project team.  It includes A3 Practical Problem-Solving skills to solve problems in any area.  

Free Bonus:  For front-line supervisors, leaders, managers, engineers, or any other current or future team leader to improve their leadership skills.

Key benefits from this coaching program 


This program is how how we trained 40 Problem-Solvers remotely in 6 different plants in just 5 Hours! 

  • This is a coaching program that will prepare you to become a problem-solver within your team.
  • And if you are or want to be the leader of a team, we give you the Team Leader (Striped Red Belt) program as a free bonus.


You will learn how to apply the learnings immediately!

  • The lessons includes assessments that trigger discussions and guide and encourage you to take action in your own organization.
  • You will apply your learnings to an¬†open- ended simulation exercise where you get to practice going through the OpEx journey.¬† You'll play the role of a contributing problem-solver within your team.¬† You'll experience a simulated project¬†plant, the role each stakeholder plays, and the power of teamwork.
  • During these Coaching sessions, we'll answer any concerns through group discussions and guidance.
  • After each Coaching session you'll be fully prepared and energized to take action in your own team and to¬†solve problems with your team.¬†


You will get business results that will move your career forward!

  1.  You will be able to lead A3 projects to improve any metric!  
  2. You will free up time you were spending firefighting to instead focus on your development and on taking on more complex projects!

All Inclusive!

You'll have access to the self-paced course and Coaching and Simulation Exercises.

"The practical part was at an exceptional level. The funny moments, the explaining part, the way you help us when we made mistakes. There's nothing I didn't like."

- Supervisor, CEVA Logistics

What you will get...

  • Gain access to ~5 hours of self-paced engaging lessons (videos, assessments, quizzes)
  • Schedule and participate in multiple Coaching and Simulation Exercises (~5 hours total, all virtual)
  • You can see the Detailed Syllabus below to see the modules and lessons included.

See the Detailed Course Syllabus Here

Team Problem-Solver and Leader Coaching Programs

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"I don't need both the Problem-Solving and the Leadership parts, and want something shorter and less costly"

Or... this A3 Problem-Solver program may be better for you!

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